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Who We Are

Harley Street Surgery’s practice is unique. We focus on natural form and beauty with a holistic approach; from diet and skin care, minimally invasive techniques, to extensive cosmetic surgery. This means providing youthful rejuvenation and natural-looking results that don’t look fake, or as if you had any work done at all i.e keep people guessing.

Our favorite patient is the anxious first-timer. From the very start, our patients experience a highly personalized approach to achieving his or her goals. We take pride in providing knowledge and guidance in order to ensure patients feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. Our practice is different. We only recommend methods that we know work and will help you meet your goals with the least amount of downtime as possible.







By combining artistic insight with surgical expertise, we remain committed to excellence with every procedure we perform.

Our three primary objectives and rules are:

  • Your safety is first, foremost and our primary concern at all times;
  • Next is the commitment that every treatment and procedure must improve your appearance or we will respectfully decline to perform it; and
  • Finally that you are treated with the highest possible level of respect, compassion and confidentiality. At Harley Street Surgery all staff sign Non Disclosure Agreements to assure that your procedure is carried out with complete competency, security and confidentiality


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