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Botox is a serum made of Botulinum Toxin A in a purified form. It is currently used for the treatment of headaches and to cosmetically lessen the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

What to Expect

Small tiny injections are placed on the deficient and thinning areas of the scalp.

Mild swelling and bleeding may occur from the injection sites. These will settle spontaneously.

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Is Microneedling For You?

It is important to understand that baldness is not a medical disorder. It is a condition by which the hair follicles under the scalp shrink to the point where they can no longer generate replacement follicles. Since each follicle typically regenerates every 2 – 6 years, baldness is a slow but continual physiological process that results in patches of baldness on the scalp connecting with other patches to form a hairline.

Decreasing muscle tension means increasing oxygenated blood flow to the injected area. And where there is oxygenated blood, researchers believe the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is inhibited (because the ideal conversion environment for DHT is a de-oxygenated one). A recent study in Canada tested the relationship between Botox injections and an increase of hair growth/a decrease of hair loss. The study used:

  • 50 patients with thinning hair, ranging from NW 2 to NW 4 baldness
  • 300 units of Botox injected over a 24-week span
  • A 2 cm strip of scalp as the controlled injection site (to observe new growth)
  • A lint trap rolled over subjects’ pillows (to observe hair loss)

The results showed a positive link between Botox injections and increased growth/decreased loss. The overall response rate to the treatment was 75%, with growth increasing by 18% and hair loss decreasing by 39% in these individuals.

Researchers noted that the results from the Canadian study are on par with those of minoxidil and thus believe that the mechanism of Botox injections works similarly.

These botox injections together with injections of vitamins (cocktail mixture) stimulate hair growth and improve the tissue environment surrounding the hair follicles by reducing scalp tension and improving blood flow.

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