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Body Chemical Peel brings about a significant improvement in skin rejuvenation.

Are Chemical Peels For Damaged Skin For You?

The best candidates for Body Chemical Peel are men and women who are physically healthy psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations.

Most are 18 or older, but if discolorations and acne scars are a problem, you may decide to have this procedure at a younger age.

Dramatic responses to chemical body peel are often seen in one or two treatments. However further treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Body Chemical Peel is one of the safest procedures available for skin rejuvenation.

However, medical treatment is not an exact science and the degree of the improvement is variable.

Occasionally there is no improvement and another form of treatment may be required.

Long-term complications resulting form Body Chemical Peels are rare.

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What to Expect

In this procedure a low concentration of the peeling agent TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) is applied on the skin which initiates the peeling process and causes the topmost (dead layer of the skin) to slowly peel off. In a few weeks a healthier skin replaces the old skin.

Body Chemical Peel is the treatment of choice for many. The process is like sanding the surface of a damaged table so that the scars, and discolorations are less noticeable.

Though healing takes 3 to 7 days, a 60% to 80% improvement can usually be expected depending on the type and extent of scarring.

Due to the light nature of the peel, complications usually seen in deeper peels, laser of dermabrasion procedures such as keloids, or scars are possible, but are unlikely to occur.

Infections due to bacterial contamination may occur if post-peel instructions are not followed.

Temporary, mild pigmentation problems may occur and can usually be corrected using bleaching systems.

After Body Chemical Peel some patients return to work the same day, although most patients require a longer recovery time. This may last up to several days.

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