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As one ages, due to the natural ageing process and gravity, the browline are first to be affected. Hence if we eliminate gravity, individuals tend to look younger. Elevating the brows open and opening up the eyes can take years off the face.

What to Expect

The possible side effects include: bruising, usually temporary and localized to the area of injection.

There is an initial minor sting for a few seconds when the anesthetic agent is injected. Once the injection is complete, there is usually no discomfort. It is important that patients do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen-like medications for 1 week before treatment.

Avoid massaging the treated area for 48 hours after treatment and do not exercise for 48 hours.

You will notice the effect of the procedure in 5 to 10 days time.

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Is Botox Endoscopic Brow Lift for You?

This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. It takes 15 – 30 minutes to complete.

Patients often return immediately to their daily routines and activities.

The best candidates are men and women who are physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations. Most are 30 or older. You may be a good candidate if you have; sagging or low positioned eyebrows and have a sad or tired expression on your face all the time.

Although it will not help with forehead wrinkles, it will elevate the brow, opening up the eyes and brightening the face. Results may be dramatic and sometimes long lasting.

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