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Fraxel is based on the technology of fractional photothermolysis.

What to Expect

The main side effects include redness and swelling. For a short time you will feel like you were in the sun a bit too long. One advantage of this treatment over other methods of reducing lines and scars is that recovery time is typically fast and side effects are uncommon.

It is possible for areas of skin to stay red for a long time. Infection can occur, or swelling might be extreme. Sometimes scarring or pigmentation will become worse rather than better. As unfortunate as it would be to have something like this happen, it is very unusual. For one thing, being non-invasive, the risk of infection is considered very low.

Side effects and discomfort are typically functions of the depth of treatment and the patient’s own healing characteristics.

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Is Fraxel Laser Therapy For You?

A collection of small laser beam columns create many microscopic treatment zones on the skin which destroys the epidermis and dermis within these microscopic treatment zones.

The damage heals quickly and, typically, with few side effects. The concept is that the skin is resurfaced from the inside out by the stimulation of new, healthy skin cells.

Fraxel is a viable alternative treatment option to the conventional ablative and non-ablative laser therapy.

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