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Labia majora augmentation takes place in the labia majora, the skin areas on either sides of the vulva. They have hair-bearing skin over a fatty pad. This is above the vagina. The procedure corrects the “deflation” that time has caused on the area.

What to Expect

As with the face, it has been realised that much of the aging changes we see are not gravitational – i.e. sagging due to gravity. But rather deflation – a loss of volume.

A prune is not turned back into a plum by pulling its skin tight. It requires the volume replaced. It requires labiaplasty.

Mild discomfort of swelling and redness might be present after the procedure.

You can go back to your daily activities straight after the procedure.

Sexual intercourse can be commenced when comfortable.

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Is Labia Majora Augmentation For You?

As women grow older there is a continuous loss of fat from the Labia majora. The quality of the skin also changes. Colour also varies from one woman to another. These changes and variations from person to person and over time are normal and they are expected. (They look like changes we see on the face).

There are two main options for volume replacement – fat or cosmetic fillers.

Fat is great because it is natural and may be permanent. But it can be variable and much can disappear in some women. Also women who need the most fat replaced frequently are the ones who have the least fat available for transfer.

Hyaluronic Acid fillers are the main fillers used. Yes they are temporary but they are readily available and make it a quick and simple procedure. Labia majora augmentation can be combined with other cosmetic vaginal surgery such as labia minora reduction (labiaplasty), labia majora reduction (majoraplasty), vaginal rejuvenation (tightening) or G – Spot augmentation.

All kinds of cosmetic surgeries, including labia majora augmentation are about feeling comfortable and confident in your appearance. It is not about beauty or how other people view you. This is the great mistake in negative comments about cosmetic surgery and the cause of dissatisfaction with cosmetic surgery.

This applies even more so to Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. For the majority of patients few people will see the result (especially to be able to compare with the preoperative appearance). It is something done for yourself – either for physical comfort or to be comfortable and confident in your appearance.

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