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Labiaplasty is designed to remove excess skin from the opening of the vagina which often results from childbirth.

Is Labiaplasty For You?

This is a wonderful procedure for rejuvenating the vaginal area and can help to restore a woman’s confidence.

Labiaplasty may be combined with internal vaginoplasty.

Good candidates for labiaplasty include women who are self-conscious about the appearance of the vagina.

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What to Expect

The outpatient surgery will take about 1 hour, depending on the patient’s needs.

General anesthesia or a local anesthetic may be used.

The incisions are made on the labia minora, which are the two small folds situated between the labia majora. This is followed by excision of the excess skin folds.

Patients can expect their recovery after Labiaplasty to last from 7 – 14 days.

Initially, there will be some soreness after the surgery, and light bleeding may occur during the first post-op day.

Some light bruising and swelling may occur around the labia and surrounding tissue.

There are no stitches that need to be removed because dissolvable sutures are used.

Any discomfort that patients experience can be managed with medication.

You can return to work the same day as the surgery.

Vigorous exercise and strenuous activity should be put off for 4 - 6 weeks.

Sexual intercourse should also be postponed till 6 weeks post op.

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