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Lighter shades of skin color aren’t necessarily more attractive, but correcting patches of discolored skin, eliminating fine wrinkles and rejuvenating skin improves most people’s appearances.

Is Laser Skin Whitening For You?

Laser procedures accomplish multiple goals, lighten skin and create a more even complexion. Some people suffer from low self-esteem due to having darker complexions, and skin whitening helps them feel more attractive and youthful.

Whether for cultural, personal or professional reasons, many darker skinned celebrities and models choose to lighten their skin, especially since lighter coloring flatters people as they age.

Laser therapies work better for people with dark complexions than bleaching creams.

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What to Expect

Non-ablative laser treatments have the fewest risks and potential side effects, but generally all laser techniques are safer than cryosurgery and using the wrong bleaching creams.

Lasers generally vaporize or damage skin to encourage new healing, so temporary redness, peeling and swelling are common.

Postoperative pain is usually minimal, and topical creams and anesthetics help to minimize discomfort.

Your skin will be sensitive to the sun, especially when you schedule a traditional, ablative laser treatment.

Laser skin whitening side effects that could happen include possible hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin, or hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin that is more intense than you hoped.

Treating brown spots often results in them appearing darker temporarily before they lighten.

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