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Upper lip lift surgery is a lip augmentation procedure that can provide long-term results and avoid the need for lip implants and lip injections.

The shape of the lips plays a far greater role in conveying beauty, youth, expression and sensuality than does volume alone.

Along with the eyes, the oral region, consisting of the lips, teeth and chin have the most profound influence on facial expression.

Is Lip Lift For You?

As we age, our lips lose their fullness, which makes them appear older.

Lips descend because of loss of support. This distance between the tip of the nose and the upper lip gets longer over time as well. Sometimes the upper lip becomes so long that it hangs over the upper teeth, and the face can take on an almost “ape like” appearance. Others are born with naturally thin lips with a long upper white lip and thin red lips.

Whether young or old, lip lift surgery creates permanent results and avoids the need for excessive lip augmentation cost with repeat lip filler injections.

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Lift lip achieves 3 main goals:

1. They shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip.

The upper lip grows longer with age, so oftentimes an upper lip lift is performed along with a facelift at the same time. Patients who have had previous rhinoplasties occasionally complain that their upper lip appears longer after the nasal surgery so an upper lip lift can be appropriate for these individuals as well.

2. They allow more upper tooth exposure.

One need not go further than any common fashion magazine and realize that all the young models seem to have one thing in common with their lips and oral area - their upper teeth are nice and are visible (about 4-5 mm) with their lips slightly parted in natural repose (i.e., not smiling).

3. They roll out the upper lip that is otherwise inverted.

What this means is that the red portion of the upper lip will be more visible, therefore enhanced. This effect is subtle and will not create exaggerated Angelina Jolie's lips alone.

What to Expect

After a lip lift there are sutures at the base of the nose hidden within the skin crease.

These are removed one week after the procedure.

These are kept clean and moist with ointment to prevent any scabs from forming.

Mild swelling and numbness occurs, but bruising generally is minimal.

The incision can appear tight and slightly pink for several weeks to months which all improves over time.

Instructions are given to keep sunscreen on the incision at all times to prevent long-term pigmentation of the scar.

A few days after the sutures are removed patients are free to wear makeup over the incision.

The procedure takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Anesthesia: IV sedation ("twilight sleep") or Local Anaesthesia.

Patients can experience 1-3 weeks of exaggerated swelling and 2-4 months of stiffness.

There is around a 5% chance that the scars may be a very minor revision around the nostril area-most likely a medical dermabrasion is all that is needed.

Downward pull of the nostrils are also a complication of the procedure.

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