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Scars are formed when the wound healing process has been altered.

What to Expect

Scar Revision Surgery is a viable option for individuals that suffer from facial scars.

Harley Street Surgery of London has been on the forefront of medical innovation. We continuously offer patients the most cutting edge techniques in medical treatment. If you would like to learn more about how your skin could benefit from this treatment, please contact our office for a private consultation appointment.

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Is Scar Revision And Surgery For You?

Typically the healing process begins with the inflammation of the area, and then the surrounding tissue is formed and developed. The most common aspect that leads to scaring is too little or too much collagen during the healing process.

Scars especially form in adolescence that can lead to extensive facial scarring. Depending on the severity and extent of the scars, either Laser Resurfacing or a combination of other treatments may be beneficial for you.

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